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The car has a range of 100 kilometers with an 8-hour charge and a maximum speed of 65 kilometers per hour.

7, 2021

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Thinking about the environment and what’s next for the planet, brands are starting to produce products in line with our times and electric cars are becoming an upward trend. In this context, “ Tito ”, an electric car manufactured in Argentina, entered the market, the compact vehicle costs much less than the cheapest Tesla.

His name refers to the founder of the company, Alberto ‘Tito’ Corapi. The design is inspired by the Chinese Today Sunshine M1 electric vehicles, which already sell in Mexico for $ 19,000.

Image via tito.coradir.com.ar .

Currently the pre-sale is available on the official Coradir page. The car has a range of 100 kilometers with an 8-hour charge and a maximum speed of 65 kilometers per hour.

Its battery is Lithium-Iron with 2000 charge and discharge cycles, it takes about 8 hours to fully recharge, connecting it directly to a 220v 50hz household outlet.

The car is designed with capacity for four people, has a 10-inch LED screen, multimedia player, radio, Bluetooth, backup camera, remote lock, power window lift, folding rear seat, among other specifications.

However, ‘Tito’ does not have important safety devices such as airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS), or stability control (ESP).

Image via tito.coradir.com.ar .

How much does ‘Tito’ cost?

The Coradir Tito has a price of 15,000 dollars (about 300,000 Mexican pesos), but during the pre-sale per launch it will have a 20% discount. This means that its price is 12,000 dollars plus VAT; in total, about 250 thousand Mexican pesos. For now there are only 50 units available for reservation, which will be delivered in an estimated period of 4 months.

Tesla’s cheapest electric car is the Model 3 in its most basic version, which in Mexico is priced at 969,900 pesos. This means that the ‘Tito’ costs practically a quarter of the cheapest Tesla if you buy it in presale, and less than a third even without the discount.

Image via tito.coradir.com.ar .

It is important to mention that ‘Tito’ is not yet approved to circulate on public roads in Argentina. The company reported that the process is in the government approval process and they expect to obtain the ‘Model Configuration License’ by the end of May. Meanwhile, the compact electric can circulate only in restricted spaces, such as private neighborhoods, factories, airports or industrial parks.

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