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The goal of advertising online is to increase conversion rates – a term which refers to the number of people who decided to visit the website and purchase the products and services. All forms of advertising are directed towards convincing potential customers to buy. Several factors affect the potential increase in conversion rate. One of them is having appealing landing pages. These are some ways to do it.

Understand the goal 

It might seem easy to create a landing page, but the reality is that several marketers have a hard time. They created a landing page that didn’t have a real goal. When creating one, you need to develop a plan. Do you want to use that page to increase brand awareness? Is the goal to boost the number of loyal customers? Once you answer these questions, it’s easier to create a useful landing page. The experts from Leadpages can help in this regard.

Write simple headlines

When looking at the landing page, people will see the headlines. No one wants to read a lengthy and confusing headline. It should be straightforward. Once they see the page, they will immediately know if it’s worth reading the whole page. If it’s not what they’re looking for, they can skip the landing page and proceed to the next one.

Present the most important information first

After looking at the headline, check the first portion of the text. It’s crucial to have a compelling flow. It allows users to understand the information. Even if they didn’t finish the entire page, they could get something out of it. Some might even decide to click on the call to action button because they already saw enough information. The worst strategy is to keep building things up before revealing the point towards the end. No one is patient enough to do it. You’re not writing a novel, so you have to be straightforward.

Use the right pictures

Apart from the text, the images also matter on a landing page. They will entice more people to read the entire page or hit the call to action button. The picture should be sharp, bold, and relatable. Avoid stock photos; not only are they are typically boring and generic, but stock photos are characteristically at-odds with the move toward authenticity, and won’t do anything to convince people to patronize the brand. In fact,

The people depicted in the stock photos might not even be similar to the target audience. They will feel that the business doesn’t understand them well.

Use the best call to action button 

After browsing the page, the user should feel convinced that the business is worth patronizing. Hence, a strategically positioned call to action button will help. It allows the potential customer to take the next step. The button should be clear enough. It should also reveal what will happen next. Writing “learn more” or “click here” won’t cut it anymore. These buttons don’t do anything to entice users.

Try to improve the landing pages for a more effective online marketing approach. When people get the necessary information, they will decide to buy the products and services.


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