Being an entrepreneur is fun and exciting most of the time. Seeing a business grow that you built by working hard, is a feeling nothing compares to. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs work almost day and night to build their business and often have to admit their time management isn’t as it should be.

Have you ever worked all day and noticed your to do list didn’t even get shorter? Then this article is for you! In this article, we talk about some things you can do to be in control of your schedule – and not let your schedule control you. 

Let software handle repetitive tasks

Have you ever thought ‘this is annoying, someone should make a program for this’ when you’re doing a repetitive task, such as filing HR files or sending out bills? Well, then we recommend you to start googling, because anno 2021 there are so many companies catering to making tasks easier. Chances are someone also thought the task was annoying and built software for it! In this day and age, technology is smarter than ever. Did you know there’s for instance Artificial Intelligence software that can take care of almost all your repetitive HR tasks? Or AI that can predict growth using data?

Not only does choosing to use Artificial Intelligence help you out because you spend less time doing tasks you don’t like, it also cuts costs in the long run. Imagine how much time you can save! Letting programs do the work for you, can also eliminate accidental errors that are bound to happen when you have to do repetitive tasks by hand. 

Hire professionals with certain skill sets

Of course it’s okay to deal with everything yourself in the beginning. But if your business grows and you’ve got some money to invest, we recommend investing it in professionals with certain skills. Let’s be real – you can’t be good at everything and maybe you don’t even like everything you have to do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Make a list of things you detest or aren’t the best at. Chances are you can outsource them to professionals that will offer valuable advice and help your business grow. Do you never seem to get a good return on your investment for your online ads? Let an Online Marketeer take a look at your ads. Do you dislike doing job interviews? See if a HR professional or recruiter can help you out.

Do you spend a lot of time contacting debtors with outstanding debts? Hire a debt collection agency to help you get your money back (Dutch: incasso). A debt collection agency can do more than you can to retrieve your money: they can discover who owns a company if it’s difficult to see due to complicated business structures ánd they can send a bailiff if needed (Dutch: deurwaarder inschakelen). Take a look at the Google reviews of the debt collection agencies (Dutch: incassobureau) in your area to see which ones get good reviews and are trustworthy. 

Remember that your mental health is super important

If you’re tired and cranky because you’ve been working yourself to the bone, you probably won’t have the best ideas to grow. If you haven’t seen your family in a while, you probably won’t feel enthusiastic about dealing with more work. That’s why – even when it gets busy- you can’t forget that your business is important, but you are also super important. If your agenda is always filled to the brim, we recommend you to see yourself as a client. Block certain hours a few times a week or every day.

Just like a meeting with a client – these are non-negotiable hours for yourself. Go eat with your family, read a book, go workout or take a nap. If you feel great, you’ll have more energy for the rest of the day or week! 

Good luck!

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