Fans of virtual currency took this as accolade.

12, 2021

1 min read

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We are in the middle of a fever for cryptocurrencies, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum or the one that was born as a joke but already has a very real price, Dogecoin. In the midst of this, fans of virtual currencies are seeking validation among the big names in business.

Apparently they found that support in Mark Zuckerberg … or something like that. The Facebook co-founder posted on Monday an image of his two new goats, which he introduced as “Max” and “Bitcoin.”

Image: Mark Zuckerberg via Facebook

Bitcoin enthusiasts were quick to hint that the goat’s curious name would be related to a possible purchase by Zuckerberg of the cryptocurrency despite the fact that the tycoon wrote nothing more about it.

The photo has more than a million reactions and more than 230 thousand comments.

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