Chinese government demands that Alibaba get rid of its media

Officials are concerned about the company’s influence on public opinion in the Asian country, according to The Wall Street Journal.

17, 2021

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Follow Alibaba’s conflict with the Chinese government. According to The Wall Street Journal , the authorities have asked Jack Ma’s company to divest its shares in the media.

According to the US media, officials are concerned about the influence of the ecommerce company on public opinion in the Asian country.

This situation came about earlier this year after a review by Chinese regulators of a list of media assets owned by the firm. Officials were dismayed at the outlook and asked Alibaba “to come up with a plan to substantially reduce its participation in the media.”


Among the media in which Jack Ma’s company has assets are the Weibo platform, similar to Twitter, and the South China Morning Post, an English-language newspaper that is distributed in Hong Kong, among other publications.

Such influence is apparently seen as posing serious challenges for the Chinese Communist Party and its own powerful propaganda apparatus, The Wall Street Journal sources explained, according to Reuters .

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