4 Essential Tips for Managing Stress at Work

Working as an assistant can be stressful, with a lot of pressure to manage an executive’s
schedule and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Executives usually have very hectic
schedules and with most businesses constantly being impacted by COVID-19, working as an
assistant can be even more demanding than usual.

Being able to successfully manage stress will help you to perform your role more efficiently, as
well as being better for your mental health. Here are some top tips to help you to manage

Go for a walk on your break

One of the most important ways of keeping stress levels down is to make sure that you take
breaks and if possible, go outside for a walk to clear your head for a while when you have a
lunch break, for example. Getting some fresh air and doing a little bit of exercise can do
wonders for managing stress and just having a 30-minute period of not concentrating on work
can actually help you to be more productive when you get back to work.

Keep your skills up to date

Technology has become a critical part of most jobs and as an assistant, being proficient in the
use of software programmes such as Microsoft Office is really important. The better you are at
using technology, the more efficient you will be when you are working, saving time and getting
more done. It is a good idea to keep your skills up to date by doing regular training, which can
be done via Virtual Classroom Training, covering all types of skills from time management
courses, to using Microsoft or any other type of software or online tools that are essential in
your role.

Find a stress coping activity

After a busy day at work, it can be hard to get your mind off work, unless you have a good
activity that will take your mind away from your job. Doing activities like yoga and meditation
work well for some people, or going for a jog, bike ride or a walk can help to de-stress after a
long day. The important thing is that you find an activity that you enjoy and that helps you to
forget about any stress you are feeling at work. Exercise helps your body to release endorphins,
which is a mood boosting process which can help you to feel less stressed.

Good diet and sleep routine

What you eat and how much sleep you get will also have a big impact on your stress levels, so
try to eat foods that give you energy and avoid high-fat foods that can make you feel
depressed. Drinking lots of water is also good for your body and will help you to feel more

Having a good sleep routine, where you are getting at least the minimum recommended
amount of sleep of between 7-9 hours each night is also crucial in helping you to manage stress
and be more productive at work. If you are struggling to get to sleep, try taking a relaxing bath
before you go to bed, avoid screen time in the hour before you go to bed and try to avoid
caffeine in the afternoon.

If you follow these tips then you should be able to better manage stress levels and avoid feeling
overwhelmed at work and as a result, you are likely to feel less depressed or suffer from
anxiety. Your mental health is key to living a life you enjoy and being able to do a job that you
are happy in, so make sure that you take good care of your mental health at work with these

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