The importance of a happy and motivated team

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An entrepreneur must face great challenges since the idea of starting a project, the construction process and of course, the search for his work team is an exhaustive task on his head.

Once the project is consolidated, it is necessary that you meet the proposed objectives to have the desired growth. It is vital that, in any startup or company, the work team is kept happy and motivated, regardless of seniority.

This is a very important key, when the collaborators put on the shirt and are happy in their area; They all work for the same goal, generating synergy in the team, achieving extraordinary things.

One of the main reasons why a person leaves their job is precisely discomfort, they are not entirely happy with their work activities or the environment they live in day to day. In addition, it is important to respect the schedules, remember that we all have a personal life to attend to, but this does not mean neglecting your responsibilities.

First: Communicate and listen

You can start with a healthy communication in all areas, do not leave unfinished messages and make sure that all the information was understood properly or that the message you want me to permeate is understood as you want. Achieving it is quite a complicated challenge, no matter how many collaborators are in your company.

To know the needs of your work team it is necessary to listen; When there is good communication, where misunderstandings or actions to be taken to improve the functioning of the organization can be shared, an unbreakable bond is achieved and confidence is generated to be able to perform daily functions correctly.

It is important to keep communication channels of any kind open. Although the request may seem minimal, do not rule out addressing any concern of your team, whether it is for the workspace or a request for the office. Try to accomplish everything, always prioritizing; your team will feel heard and valued.

Listening and communicating is a great tool in meeting objectives, talk with your team, learn from them and permeate your experience in it, a good idea will always arise if you develop this capacity and you will nurture personal, professional and business growth.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

Building a fun and collaborative environment keeps the team happy and motivated when carrying out their activities. Space is important, but it is better to generate enough trust so that anyone can present an idea without fear. To achieve this, your HR team can perform dynamics of integration and union between the team, so everyone will have the opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills.

Respect should be considered a fundamental value in your organization, lead by example and at all times be respectful regardless of the circumstance. It is a good start to build empathy and trust in the team.

Incentives and professional development

It is not enough to have a pleasant living space, it is also necessary that you offer benefits that are of interest to employees. From bonuses for objectives and above all a competitive salary. Something important to mention is that each award or bonus requires a great commitment and development, professionally speaking.

Make sure to retain and keep the best talent happy

The career plan and growth opportunities is essential for your collaborators. Knowing that in the medium term they can grow professionally is a very attractive incentive for them to carry out their work with sufficient motivation. Make sure you keep all your promises.

Choose other skills development alternatives such as workshops, diplomas or courses that are really of interest and help improve their daily work and that give them tools to prepare for a better position.

Meet the work team

Whether your company is small or medium, the leader must know the whole team, it is essential and speaks of the interest in each of its collaborators. It is important that the business units identify and recognize each other, know their skills and areas of opportunity in order to adequately complement each function.

wear the shirt

It is necessary that each one feels an important part of the company, getting them to wear the shirt will cause them to take on their responsibilities with greater commitment and enthusiasm.

This is generated when they know that they are an important key to development, that is why they must also know the objectives, values, mission and vision of the company. Have your team identify the brand, its services and benefits.

Motivation is an important feeling that each company must take into account for the business and professional development of each employee, being very attentive to the needs of your team will help you have competitive advantages in a market saturated with services.

Achieving a balance is not easy, although you have many responsibilities, you must pay attention at a certain point to the work environment, the concerns of your collaborators and always dedicate a minute to listen to the proposals or suggestions that they may have.

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