Here’s How to Change Company Culture

Meaning and motivation are two common factors that contribute to a diverse and complex company culture.  Businesses who focus on these two factors have the ability and platform to excel both socially and financially. 

Social Awareness

The definition of corporate culture is the set of values and beliefs that are exhibited by employees of a certain company.  In order for those values to be positive they must have a universal root in meaning for the employees.  Research shows that Gen Z and millennials are more inclined to work for a firm that meets societal needs. 

Meaning in the workplace fills our fundamental need to be satisfied through our work.  This satisfaction keeps over one third of Americans working in their current job.  Employees who derive meaning from their work and have a feeling of value are more likely to have increased customer sales skills, sales capabilities, and higher margins of productivity. 

In the corporate world high productivity means high profitability and an increased emphasis on corporate culture falls within that definition.  Research says that workers who value their place of employment will provide higher revenue, net growth, and stock prices for the firms that work at. 

Positive Reinforcement

Meaning and value play a large part in motivation for employees.  When an employee is feeling appreciated or are treated fairly they will have the motivation to want to contribute to the company.  It is extremely important to create a motivational environment because it can directly impact growth. 

Unmotivated employees can be the reason that a successful business fails.  Businesses need to be conscious of this factor and allow it to help shape their opinions on corporate culture and its effects.  By not focusing on company culture, businesses make the active choice to allow dissenting individuals to negatively impact the future success of the company. 

Even though employees might be adverse to change in the beginning it is important for companies to push forward with the trajectory.  Change can signal to employees job loss and increased stress and responsibility, but an effective change in company policy can assuage those fears even before they begin. 

Corporate Culture is what makes and breaks businesses.  Employees are the heart of the business but like a heart they can become diseased and sick.  It is important that businesses care for their heart so that they can prevent dangerous issues before they arise.  Preventive care is always better than postoperative care. 

Why Invest in Business Culture Transformation?

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