Boston Dynamics’ Latest Robot Is About to Make Moving Boxes That Much Easier

The Stretch robot is capable of moving up to 800 boxes per hour.

31, 2021

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Robotics company Boston Dynamics introduced its new Stretch robot which, unlike its Spot or Atlas models, does not look like a dog and does not dance, but is designed to transport boxes in warehouses and distribution centers like no other.

Stretch / Image: Boston Dynamics

According to the site The Verge, Stretch is designed to move freely in warehouses to load, move or unload boxes.

“Stretch is a versatile mobile carton handling robot, designed for easy implementation in existing warehouses. Unload trucks and build pallets faster by sending the robot to work, eliminating the need for a new fixed infrastructure,”said the company at the presentation of its new automaton.

The robot has a wheeled base, a “perception mast” with cameras and sensors, a multi-joint robotic arm with seven degrees of movement and a smart gripper with suction cups capable of supporting boxes of up to 22 kilos. The Stretch program allows you to identify boxes and is capable of moving up to 800 boxes per hour.

Image: Boston Dynamics
Boston Dynamics hopes to launch its Stretch robot to market in 2022.


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