This is how DiDi Food celebrates Taco Day

In support of one of the kitchens that move the gastronomic economy the most in Mexico, DiDi Food will absorb 2×1 promotions and with free shipping in the app until April 4.

31, 2021

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When talking about Mexican gastronomy, one must inevitably talk about tacos and their different variations that represent the cultural diversity of Mexico. While in Michoacán the preferred tacos are carnitas, in Guadalajara birria are preferred, in CDMX they are pastor and in the north, asada. Thus, more than a taco, this March 31, it is about celebrating a regional seal that breaks into genres but unites Mexicans indistinctly.

Tacos are the second most requested category in the DiDi Food app and they are so versatile that, regardless of their kitchen twist, 6 out of 10 restaurants in Mexico have at least one type of taco on their menu. The cheapest taco in the app starts from 3.50 pesos. It is a golden chicken taco and is found in Guadalajara. The most expensive is in Toluca, it is fish roe and amounts to 72.50 pesos.

“The taquerías are one of the twists that move the gastronomic economy of Mexico the most. Only the tacos registered in DiDi Food generate around 70,000 jobs throughout the country and are mostly micro and small businesses. For example, a local taqueria in Ciudad Juárez has received 320 taco orders in just one day. At DiDi Food we know that this dish is the preferred option for Mexicans to eat any day of the week, especially because of how inexpensive they become, “said Andrea Vidales, Communication Leader for DiDi Food.
Although it seems that tacos are a nightly craving, in most cities more tacos are ordered during the day than at night, in fact, the preferred time of Mexicans to order tacos is on weekend mornings. In particular, Monterrey is the city that most enjoys ordering tacos for breakfast, while Oaxaca is the city that most asks for them at night.

The day that historically most tacos have been requested in the application, was last January 1, 2021, after the celebration to end 2020.

These cities are the ones that ask for the most tacos:

More than two in 10 orders are for tacos.

  • Irapuato
  • Guadalajara
  • Tepic

These are the favorite tacos by cities:

  1. Guadalajara – Barbecue
  2. Morelia – Carnitas
  3. CDMX – Basket
  4. Monterrey – Asada

Those who love tacos al pastor the most are:

  1. Tapatios
  2. Chilangos
  3. Queretanos

The preferred drinks to accompany the tacos:

  1. Soft drink
  2. Horchata water
  3. Jamaica’s water

Did you know…?

  • In Guadalajara, one person ordered 98 tacos in a single order, making it the largest order ever.
  • Tacos are the second most requested category in the DiDi Food application, the favorites: Barbecue, Pastor, Canasta and Carnitas.
  • DiDi Food’s registered tacos create around 70,000 jobs.
  • 6 out of 10 restaurants have at least one type of taco on their menu.
  • DiDi Food has more than 14,000 registered tacos.

Celebrate Taco Day with DiDi Food

To celebrate Taco Day without leaving home, but supporting the economic reactivation of local businesses, DiDi Food will absorb promotions with some of the taquerías preferred by the users of the application such as: Vips, Taco Beef, El Huequito, Taco Naco , Tacomoloco, Tacos Árabes Bagdad, Tacos Copacabanito, Tacos Don Pancho, Taquería Los Patrones, Taquería San Juan, Tacos Paza, El Güero Alteño, among others. From March 24 to April 4, hundreds of tacos will be 2×1 or 3×2 and will have free shipping with the code: “DATETUTACO”.

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