A hotel dedicated to happiness? It is in process and will be located in Mexico

Awakening Sanctuary will be in the paradisiacal state of Yucatán.

25, 2021

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The ubication? Yes, it is in Mexico. It occupies 152 hectares of forest without the impact of flora and fauna (use of clean energy, construction materials from the region, waste reduction strategies, reforestation facilities and activities and high-end water treatment). The place is surrounded by eight cenotes and away from the great masses. Sounds like paradise! We are talking about Awakening Sanctuary, a hotel focused on happiness.

The eco-boutique Awakening Sanctuary hotel, in San Manuel, Yucatán , goes from its rooms in the shape of Human Cocoons to spaces that seem to flourish.

Image: Awakening Sanctuary

In a time filled with change from a global health contingency, Awakening founders Adriana Chardi and Martin Loeffler have experienced their own challenges . The new challenges of the tourism industry have led to an architectural redesign and a rethinking of the concept, always taking care of the initial vision.

The rooms have three levels that give rise to the “petal”. Each level or sheet constitutes a different space in the town. The first is designed to enjoy a living and dining room adjoining a private pool and Jacuzzi. This space can also serve as an “office” for digital nomads who seek to combine professional work with staff, surrounded by nature.

Image: Awakening Sanctuary

On the second level, guests will be able to enjoy an outdoor shower, without barriers or walls, enjoying a feeling of freedom, and knowing that the more than a thousand square meters of jungle around the villa will protect the privacy of their “petal”.

And finally, on the third petal, the bedroom will be located, with a view of more than 200 degrees, surrounded by a folding glass door that will protect visitors from inclement weather.

The three petals will be joined by a tower that allows communication between the areas, as well as offering the possibility of climbing to the top to observe the stars.

Image: Awakening Sanctuary

On a metaphorical level, the founders relate to the cocoon as a stage of transformation that the world and themselves have gone through. Thus, give way to a flowering and adaptation of new perspectives and growth of human well-being and, consequently, happiness.

The construction date will be announced shortly.

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